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Re: Inks & Gold in Medieval Mss.

Peter Fraterdeus writes (and I just *had* to reply):

<< I'm not sure if this is still in print, since the calligraphy boom has
died back quite a bit in the last decade or so...   >>


The number of books and guilds and workshops and courses surrounding
calligraphy have increased exponentially since the second edition of *The
Calligrapher's Handbook* came out in 1985.

I'm not sure when Reggie Ezell began offering his once-a-month year-long
courses around the country and Canada, but I took the course in Jacksonville,
Florida, in 1993, and he's still teaching this way; several other instructors
regularly fly around the country doing much the same thing.  This was just
not available when I began learning calligraphy.  And there are two retreats,
one in Michigan and one in North Carolina, which offer week-long workshops
once or twice a year.  These also were not available when I first began
learning calligraphy.

"The calligraphy boom has died back quite a bit" my eye!

In 1985, *The Calligrapher's Handbook* was one of the few reliable sources
for information about calligraphy.  While still a staple resource in the
calligrapher's library, there are now many other books worth reading on the
subject.  You are welcome to browse the bibliography of calligraphy books at
my site (URL in signature below), together with links to their pages at the
Amazon site.  And if you have any comments  or additions, feel free to e-mail


Beth Lee
Tallahassee, Florida

E-mail:  <A HREF="mailto:Callibeth@aol.com">Callibeth@aol.com</A>
Website:  <A HREF="http://www.nettally.com/bethlee">http://www.nettally.com/be

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