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Re: Art Books Pricing Question

>Of course, when all is said and done, if the price is too high, it just
>won't sell.

yet I have had experiences where the reverse is true. That is, if something
isn't priced high enough, galleries or fine book dealers can't make enough
money on it and won't carry it, and buyers think it's worth it's price, and
will instead buy something more expensive because they think it must be
worth more. Underpricing can hurt in other ways, too. Finally, I think you
throw all the information about your hours and overhead and supplies in, as
well as discounts you have to give to sellers, and come out with a rough
idea of what you want a thing to sell for. Then you look at what other art
works or book art works that are comparable are selling for, and hopefully
those two ideas of price are close enough that it becomes obvious. If
they're not close, I think it's more important to set a price that seems
within the market range, but with which you are also comfortable. And
sometimes, it's just not easy making that decision.


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