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No too much pricing of the art book, please!

The discussion on how to price one's own art-book work was kind of
interesting. In general, though, an emphasis on quantifying different
aspects of costs, takes away from the complexity of an art work. Without
wishing to sound as if professing from a pulpit, a true artist does not
initiate a piece with the intention of making 'so much' money on it.
Each time it's like taking a leap in the void, making yourself
vulnerable; and there is no guarantee that the work will be successful
in expression of the persisting inner drives nor indeed of its reception
by others. How does one measure all that? Perhaps, that is why we have
specialists, art historians, gallerists, museum people, etc. who
cultivate themselves precisely in the necessary areas in order to be
good 'traits d'union', that is linking artists' work with the society at
On the other hand, there seems to be a trend amongst more and more
people in the arts who wish to be in charge of the kind of job they do
and lead a dignified life thanks to it. So far, I know for myself that
each time I have to give a price to my work, I enter in a
--                                     Rezan

Rezan Peya Gken,

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