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Re: No too much pricing of the art book, please!

>wishing to sound as if professing from a pulpit, a true artist does not
>initiate a piece with the intention of making 'so much' money on it.
>Each time it's like taking a leap in the void, making yourself
>vulnerable; and there is no guarantee that the work will be successful

A 'real artist'? Are you saying that an artist should remain ignorant of the
facts of our world, money and markets? I would agree that the act of making
art places aesthetic concerns ahead of financial concerns. But to say that a
'real artist' wouldn't apply his creative abilities to the problems of
making a living too, or that these issues are 'beneath' an 'artist'?

Saying that an artist wouldn't care about quantifiable factors in addition
to aesthetic or conceptual factors is a difficult  viewpoint to defend. I
would expect it to be doubly difficult in this learned book arts list. The
book arts are rich with 'technical' and 'quantifiable' aspects, why else
would apprenticeship be so common?

Your definition of a real artist might be more of a prejudice than a fact.

>>Of course, when all is said and done, if the price is too high, it just
>>won't sell.
>yet I have had experiences where the reverse is true. That is, if something
>isn't priced high enough, galleries or fine book dealers can't make enough
>money on it and won't carry it, and buyers think it's worth it's price, and

This exchange with Charles Alexander (from the Re: Art Book Pricing Question
thread) points to some interesting creative aspects of acting in the
marketplace as an artist. I smiled as I read his observations because they
point to that fact that even after quantifying all the factors, we still
have to respond creatively to the realities of our world.

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

(510) 727-9131

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