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Re: No too much pricing of the art book, please!

Thanks, Don

I'm also a life partner with a visual artist (painter) and these questions
are just as difficult in other forms as well, according to my experience.
Further complicated for all of us, as well, because the question of price
and markets is partly local, so that one can charge different prices in New
York than in Austin, in Los Angeles than in Tucson, etc. -- although if
most or all of your sales are not local, this may not be true.

I agree with Don entirely that artists, and book artists, are no less real
artists because they are aware of markets and other social realities.


>This exchange with Charles Alexander (from the Re: Art Book Pricing Question
>thread) points to some interesting creative aspects of acting in the
>marketplace as an artist. I smiled as I read his observations because they
>point to that fact that even after quantifying all the factors, we still
>have to respond creatively to the realities of our world.
>Don Drake
>Dreaming Mind

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