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Well this thread has coaxed me out of lurking. I find the ceiling on what
you can get for any given book really moves around, depending on who is
selling it (you, a gallery, a book dealer) & who is buying. So far, my
gallerist did far & away the best job, but only on one sale so I can't say
if it was a fluke or not. 2nd best is selling them myself to libraries. One
book dealer ran a dismal last place; another did well by me but still not
as good as the other 2 options.

I've hardly ever gotten what I really deserved for a book. I blame this
mostly on the lingering stereotype of artists' books carried around by many
of the people buying: artists' book=fluxus=cheap.

On the other hand, you can hardly ever get what you deserve for most forms
of art (as an emerging artist anyway). It's just that books seem especially

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