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FW: Printing text on paper

From:   awh[SMTP:whrlbeck@ma.ultranet.com]
Sent:   Monday, November 22, 1999 10:36 AM
Subject:        Printing text on paper

Hi all, I am a very green newbie to this list and bookbinding. This is my
question: I would like to make a series of books ( small and simple)
incorporating some of my small and simple writings ( ie., haiku and short
descriptive paragraphs). I would like to print the text onto the pages
before binding. My handwriting is terrible and I can't do calligraphy! So
do any of you know of a basic way of doing this. For example, a rubber
stamp set, small press or other such thing that I could purchase?? I have
heard of an inexpensive ($100) silkscreen press that "burns"?? letters onto
a plate which than can be printed using up to 4 colors. It is available at
an art materials store in Portland Maine. Thanks in advance Christine

PS another quick question: in a bookbinding class I took we used 80#
 Environment Text Paper, natural white laid from Linden-Meyer Munroe
Papers. The 800 # which I have does not seem to work for them,
(1-800-727-3789) I would like to order this paper. Have any of you heard of
this company or know of an equivalent paper that I could use?? Thanks

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