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Re: FW: Printing text on paper

>I have
>heard of an inexpensive ($100) silkscreen press that "burns"?? letters onto
>a plate which than can be printed using up to 4 colors. It is available at
>an art materials store in Portland Maine.

I assume you are describing a Gocco Printer. No plate, just a silk screen.
The $99 printer gives you about 5 1/2" x 3 3/4" of printable space. You can
print as many colors as you want, but they don't overlay during one printing
(although you can print in many layers and there are process colors
available that can be used to create full color images if you make half-tone
separations). It uses oil based ink and is perfect for printing text. I use
mine for photo-based duotones, text - a wide range of things. The other
benefit is that you can print on almost any media - I recently printed a
palm-leaf style book that consisted of text printed on old wooden rulers.

Claire Russel at Think Ink (www.thinkink.net) is a wealth of information and
sells the printers as well as a large selection of inks.

Best wishes,

Mission Creek Press
Pendleton, OR

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