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Bookarts and Australia

Hello everyone.

I have only been lurking here a week or so.

Apart from my own interest in the book arts, one of my motivations in
joining this list is the dissemination of information. At the beginning
of October I started a project to create a website that would be a
resource for printmaking, papermaking and the bookarts, with an
Australian emphasis.
The result is the Print Australia website at
Some of you may already know of this site.

I am writing to this list to ask for information concerning suitable
sites that I can list on this resource. I need information about sites
1. provide "how to" or general information
2. Display the work of artists in these media, especially illustrated
artist home pages
3. Anything in this area that is Australian
If you can help, or have a site you would like listed (you don't have to
be Australian) please mail me direct.

The site already has extensive listings and if you find yourself already
listed there please reciprocate by linking to Print Australia and then
mail me off list to advise.

Josephine Severn

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