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Family Project Adhesive Question

This post is way too long. If you're working on a tight deadline, please move

Hello all. I'm working on a memory book for my Grandfather's 90th birthday
and I need help fast. Being a family project, it was conceived at the last
minute (no
pun intended) and will be carried out at the last instant. Meaning, I'm out of
town on
Thursday and his party is Saturday. This Saturday.

Fortunately, I have some idea where to start. My grandfather was an
electrician and is
one of those men who has had just about every kind of job in his lifetime. I
think of
him as one of the men who really helped build this country. For example, he
worked for the TVA, bringing electricity to Appalachia. So I have assembled
interesting materials to put this thing together that remind me of him.

I've got two aluminim binder covers (front and back, no spine,
two-hole-punched) that
I want to cover with a very rustic orange-ish paper that has great texture. (I
do have to
cover up part of the aluminim because there's an etched logo on it; it's a
sample from
a previous project). I'm planning to leave an inch or two uncovered at the
spine and to
tie the book with electrician's wire. I realize I need to protect the edge
(soft paper over
metal), so I was going to use some of that rubbery sheet metal edging I've
seen at
hardware stores. And I've got some nice dark blue marbled paper to finish the

Finally, here's my dilemma: what can I use to attach the paper to the
aluminum? The
covers do have some kind of extremely thin laminate; I thought about giving
them a
steel wool rubdown to get rid of that, and to add texture. I did a test strip
with basic
PVA, and it seems to be holding, but it's only been a couple of hours. Also, I
feel like
the cover paper will need some additional protection, especially since I'm
planning to
emboss it slightly (by putting a cutout under it). I coated part of my test
strip on top with
PVA to see what that would do, and of course it's given it a harder and
shinier finish,
which is not as fun to touch but really brings out the texture. But I'm
worried about
tackiness (in more ways than one). It feels okay now, but what will it do in
humidity? After all, this is South Carolina. Any more humid, and we'd be a
rain forest.

Finally, so you won't think I'm leaving out the content issue entirely, we are
giving out
sheets for friends and family members to write on/decorate/embellish on
Saturday and
we're going to assemble it all then.

I would appreciate any help you could give me, and any warnings about blunders
don't even know about yet. Obviously, I'm not a professional and am not even
experienced enough to call myself a hobbyist. But I'm sure you all know how it
to have people assume you can throw something great together in no time. It's
the time I spent hours and hours laboring over a photo restoration for my
(I'm not a professional at that, either). The end result was beyond my wildest
and made him so happy and proud (he shows it to everyone), but suddenly every
relative had a closet full of old photos for me to work on. As my father said,
you love it when people rearrange your priorities for you?"

Which I have certainly done to you if you've managed to read this far. Thanks
your time, even if you don't have any info for me.



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