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Re: Dover laid paper

> An old friend, now retired from art conservation, had put away and forgot=
> ten about 100 sheets of something called "Dover repair paper", which she boug=
> ht in the late 1980s from Andrew Nelson Whitehead (now ANW Crestwood).  It is
> apparently unsized, medium weight 100% rag paper in parent sheets.
> I have not yet seen and have never used this paper, but I am hoping there=
> is someone out there on this list who has used it and can offer information =
> about it...?

With regard to the enquiry on Dover repair paper I purchased some
sheets of Dover dark toned laid from Falkiner Fine Papers Ltd in
London some time after 1984.   Their catalogue of the time listed the
papers at nearly 2 pounds each sheet:

H11G Dover dark toned laid -medium -70gsm
H12G Dover Castle buff toned laid  - Royal - 70gsm
H12aG  Dover Castle buff toned laid - Double Crown -  115 gsm

I had purchased H11G.  Sizing is stated to be internal and the surface
Not (which my wife, who paints, tells me is the surface in between
rough and hot pressed).  These were listed under the paper group for
conservation, repair and bookbinding.  The paper is too dark for normal book pages repair, but could make an endpaper.

They were still in the 1986 catalogue, but not any later as far as I
can see.

My sheets are watermarked along the bottom long  edge with DOVER HAND-
MADE; in the bottom LH corner of the  edge is the monogram BG, about 2" high, and
date 1976.  I suspect this was Barcham Green Mill?

A quick Web search for the name produces lots of interesting sites including the new Web page for the Mill
It appears that hand-made paper ceased in 1987.

Rodney Fry

Berks  RG45 6PE
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