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MCBA Winter Book--Robert Bly

"Saturday Nights in Marietta" by Robert Bly

Fifteen new poems by Robert Bly are collected in "Saturday Nights in
Marietta," MCBA's 11th Winter Book.  The annual project, initiated in 1988
to promote greater understanding of the creative potential inherent in
book-as-art, begins with text by an established Minnesota author and
involves printers, designers, papermakers, binders, and visual artists in
production of a limited edition volume.
Realized in traditional codex form, "Saturday Nights in Marietta," is
available in deluxe, standard and chapbook editions designed by Amy
Kirkpatrick under the direction of Mary Jo Pauly.  Deluxe and standard
editions are signed by the author and include fifteen illustrative prints
executed by book artists/printers nationally recognized for their
interpretive vision and technical skill.  Text in all editions is
letterpress printed from monotype Van Kijk on Mohawk vellum under the
supervision of MCBA Printing Artist-in-Residence Michael Fallon.
For more information on the Deluxe (A-Z), Standard (1-125) or Chapbook
editions, please contact MCBA...612/338-3634...or write to:  MCBA, 24 North
Third Street, Minneapolis, MN  55401

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