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Questions:leather covering

Now that I have come out of hiding to post to the list once I thought I
would ask a couple of questions of you wonderful people.

Ages ago (early medieval times?) when a book was sewn with its headbands
all in one sewing over cords and the cords were laced in, or even if the
headband was sewn separately but also laced into the boards, what did they
do about the leather turn-ins because there wasn't any convenient gap
between board and headband where you could fold under the turn-ins?

My instinct tells me they tucked the bit of leather under or cut it off.
Which leads me to my second question: did they glue the whole leather
covering down and make what I know as a tightback? I know it is hard to
describe these graphic things in words so I hope you can understand what I
mean. I would be grateful for any references where I could read about this.


Linda Newbown

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