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question on sewing frames


I am a new member of this list who is a student with regards to
I have taken classes and after spending the last three years making
books in my copious spare time :), I decided it's time to buy a sewing

Most of the books I make are rarely larger then 9 X 12. I do sew on
frequently. And I am willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on a
nice frame. (It helps having a day job to pay for my habit!)

I looked through the archives and found info on various aspects of
frames and
how to make one. But nothing that would help me figure out the pluses
and minues of the different frames on the market. I have a copy of the
BookMakers catalog and have been to several websites to view sewing

Is there a review of the sewing frames somewhere? A particular frame
that is easier to use for someone who does not do bookbinding full time
(though I wish I could!)?

I haven't ever actually used a sewing frame myself. I don't know if they

come with instructions. Is there a good book that explains the

Thanks for any pointers you can give me! Please feel free to reply back
to me only if this topic has been covered too many times before.

Annette Wagner

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