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Re: Instruction

--- You wrote:
I am interested in learning more about all aspects of binding and
restoration. Most of what I hear about are pretty much east coast and west
coast classes, meetings etc. I live in central Ohio. Is anyone aware of
anything that goes on reasonably close to me? Thanks. JT
--- end of quote ---


Although I have defected to the east coast, I am from Michigan and worked
several years at Ohio University in Athens.  There are lots of activities which
go on in the midwest and in Ohio as well.  Cleveland and Cincinatti seem to have
the most activities, but things do happen in Columbus as well.  If you are not a
member of the Guild of Book Workers and the GBW Midwest Chapter (I don't see
your name in the member directory), you should consider joining.  This way you
will be alerted to upcoming workshops in the area.  If you would like further
information about the GBW/Midwest Chapter, please contact me and I'll have some
information sent.  (You can also visit the GBW web page for further info.  The
address is in my sigfile at the end of this message.)  Also, if you are
interested, I could pass your name and address along to some people who teach
workshops in Ohio.


 Eric Alstrom
 Guild of Book Workers WebBinder
 Midwest Chapter Newsletter Editor

 Hanover, NH

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