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Re: Support Press at Colorado College

Prof. David Mason
Department of English
Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO

Professor Mason--

I'm very sorry to hear about Jim Trissel's death. His press is well loved by=
 generations of students at CC. I hope that CC will find a worthy inheritor=
 of Jim's position.

Jim invited me to teach a class in book structures in the winter session of =
It turned out that the Gulf War began the day before my class, and I spent=
 much of my three and a half weeks with CC students and others at the vigil=
 in the middle of the main drag in downtown Colorado Springs. I have always=
 remembered that unique time with great admiration for Jim and the work that=
 he inspired from his students.

The Press at Colorado College is a vital and important institution. I hope=
 that the College will see the wisdom of continuing its support.

With regards

Peter Fraterdeus
Type Designer, Calligrapher, Letterpress Printer

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