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A Solicitation from Chicago Book & Paper

   Fellow Book Artists and Binders.........

Columbia College Chicago Center for Book & Paper Arts is a facility that=20
teaches Hand Papermaking, Letterpress Printing, Bookbinding and the other=20
bookarts. It is a division of Columbia College and bestows an MFA in the boo=
& paper arts. Besides it=92s affiliation with the Columbia scholastic progra=
community classes are offered to the general public. One of the very popular=
outreach programs at the Center is =93School Books.=94 To promote literacy,=20
teachers are sent into the public school system to teach children to make=20
simple books, which they then use for journals and storytelling.

   The Center has recently moved into a new 20,000 sq. ft facility in the=20
landmark Ludington Building at 11th. and Wabash in Chicago. The Ludington wa=
built in 1891 for the American Book Company by William LeBarron Jenney, the=20
father of the modern skyscraper.

  One of the classes taught at the Book & Paper Center is =93Book as=20
Structure.=94 It is with this and the new facilities=92 architectural histor=
y in=20
mind that we have come up with a theme for our yearly fundraising benefit. W=
are seeking submissions from book artists, architects and artists with the=20
challenge of: =93Books as Structures.=94 A month-long show Archibookture wil=
l be=20
held in our galleries here at the Ludington and then a Benefit Auction will=20
be held at the conclusion of the exhibit. The show is scheduled to open on=20
January 28, and the benefit auction will be on February 25th, 2000.=20

   Please excuse this cold solicitation, but I would like to invite you to=20
come up with a drawing, a book, a concept, model or whatever you are inspire=
to do, and be included in this exhibition and auction.

  If you have any questions you can e-mail me at: venezia747@aol.com or call=
me at the Center at: 312-344-6644.

Thanks for considering.....
Bill Drendel
Columbia Book & Paper

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