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Invitation to join the Artists' Books, Book Artists and Book Arts Webring

Dear Fellow Book Artist,

This is to invite you to consider joining the newly
created Artists' Books, Book Artists and Book
Arts WebRing.

A WebRing is where a group of 'like-topic' Websites
link together in a Ring. This way increasing the flow
of traffic to their individual sites, creating a
presence on the Internet as a group as well as a
community of sorts.

>From what I can find, until now, there hasn't been a
WebRing which caters for Book Artists at all.

The Homepage for this WebRing is at:
If you want more information
about the WebRing system, you can find it at:

Kind Regards,
Craig Andrews
Artists' Books, Book Artists and Book Arts WebRing

Website: http://go.to/The_Lettersmith
E-mail: The_Lettersmith@go.to

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