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New Clichés

Hi Folks,

Just in time for the holiday season, I've just added some
new binding tools to my website. As the Website is under
reconstruction at the moment you'll have to visit two
unlinked pages.

The tools that are a part of my old inventory can be found
at http://www.unternehmen.com/Buchbinder/brass.html

The new tools are at:


at the bottom of this pager there is a link to a second page
of tools or you cand paste this:


I am working on the links at the moment so the only way to
view the larger jpg file which is on the server is by typing
this and changing the number to the number you see on the page.


The "nt" at the front of the jpg file is the code. The numbers
of the thumbnails correspond to the the nt numbers. Jeez sounds
complicated doesn't it? But it is really easy. If you can't get
it to work. I'll send more details through off list.

Thanks for visiting.


P.s. sorry about the usual cross posting.

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