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Re: [Fwd: A Bookbinding "Riddle"

I heard it yesterday on Morning Edition on NPR:

>   Who might help this student from Virginia ?
>   I tried several search engines, but with no success.
>   A certain "previous personal knowledge" is needed here.
>   Melinda Foulke wrote:
>   > I am currently a student at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State
>   > University.  My music teacher is giving extra credit if I can find the
>   > answer to one of his questions by Wednesday at 10:00am.  I was wondering if
>   > you could help.  I will definitely give you credit for this.  :)
>   >
>   > His question was:
>   >
>   > What has recently been recovered after 500-600 years and which had been
>   > used to wrap bacon and as book-binding material?

Medieval/early Renaissance songs, written on parchment. Some were scraped off and
inked over; other pieces of parchment were cannibalized for other purposes. Two
English scholars have recently published and recorded some of these songs. They
used digital methods to enhance the all-but-unreadable original musical
notations, etc.

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