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Re: Leather to Binders Board.

In my order of preference, and depending on the kind of leather (Chrome
tanned vs. vegetable tanned) I use:

PVA/Paste mixture (50/50>

Wheatpaste is best because it dries slowly allowing for plenty of time to
mould headcaps and corner and it doesn't stain...

The Arthur Johnson, Laura Young, and Douglas Cockrell books all provide
descriptions. Most are available from places like Bookmakers, Oak Knoll,
Book Central (Ed Hutchins), Amazon, B&N. They are also available from most
any place that takes special orders. There are citations in the Biblography
section off the Book Arts Links page at the Book Arts Web

The leather will need to be pared unless you want to follow the
instructions in Keith Smith's / Fred Jordan's book, Bookbinding for Book
Artists which shows a way to do it without paring.


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