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Can you explain your policy?

Dear Peter

I'm sending this to the list in the knowledge that you will read it as
moderator though I don't expect it will get any further.

I recently sent a posting (mildly) complaining that replies to queries
of a technical nature don't seem to get back to the list (eg the
recent PVA question). The list is dominated by announcements of
courses, exhibitions etc. You appear to have chosen not to put my
post on the list (I cannot see why) yet, over the past few days
we've been treated to many postings about the latin word for fart!

Could you explain your policy/decision making process for what
goes up and what doesn't - it may save people a lot of time in the
future sending responses that have no chance of getting through
the moderation process

The posting I refer to above was:

So where are all the responses to the PVA question? I only
saw one. Have they gone off-list direct to Pat?

Surely the value of this list is that we all get to share in the
knowledge of others. It's not just so those of us fortunate enough to
visiting Paris can find interesting places to go or so that we can
announce our latest project, exhibition, course etc.

These things are important but have a limited audience eg those
who live in the vicinity of the exhibition, course etc. whereas info on
techniques and materials has a much wider appeal and if we're not
interested or already know the answer, there's always the delete

We can always learn from others even if we (think we) already

Ken Dallaston

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