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Wot's dat dot?

>   It could be a dot -- but I think non,
>   for dots follow polka or precede com.
>   It might be a period out of its place --
>   instead of on-line, up there in space.
>   Or how 'bout a point, could it be that?
>   but what is the point to be where its at?
>   It might have no name -- just part of an "i"
>   Can we accept that and not wonder why?
>   A cap it could be -- I kinda like that,
>   it sits on the "i" -- just like a hat.
>   It's awful to be nameless, a terrible shame
>   Shall we all vote and give it a name?
>   A glink it might be -- or even a nat,
>   a pip or a clop or a spot or a splat???
>   So send in your names -- and reasons why
>   your name is the best of all we can try

The point is not
That it's a dot,
or not
a part of
the start of
the end of
le nom de com,
or, comme dit on,
un nom dot.com.

It happens a lot
That of the jotter of jot
Misses a spot, as he wot,
And summons his mettle
To add the spittle
And place the tittle
On the top of the jot!

Michael Brady
16 Pedestal Rock Lane
Durham, NC 27712
Voice  919 471 9554    fax 919 962 2707
jbrady@email.unc.edu   http://www.unc.edu/~jbrady/index.html

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