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Re: Book edge dye (Pt. 2)

To get speckled edges, put the book in a press, facing up helps, sprinkle
chalk/talcum dust on the edge and then using a stiff brush against a screen
or something sprinkle the dye on the edge. If you do a solid edge first and
then sprinkle you can get a two tone effect, or solid, sprinkle #1, and
then sprinkle again you can get a 3 color effect. Remember to let dry and
then brush off the talcum/chalk between sprinkles though. Also how much
talcum/chalk you sprinkle on the edge will determine how much, or little
coverage you get. It's a nice, easy, edge treatment.

Again, most bookbinding manuals, the traditional ones, have a section on
this topic.


Peter D. Verheyen
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