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Re: Pequod? Pee queue? P's and cues?

At 03:21 PM 12/10/1999 -0500, Michael Brady wrote:
>If we minded our pints and quarts too much, we'd be crossing our eyes and
>to pee. But as it is, minding one's p's and q's refers to killing out handset
>lowercase type.

Interesting. I've heard for many years, and from many sources, that the
expression is an old English one from Ye Olde Taverne days, and does refer
to pints and quarts. I think there was even a discussion on this some time
back over on TYPO-L and that was the same conclusion that was reach --
although I may be remembering that incorrectly (it may have been some other
list, although I think it was that one).

Anyway, and either way, it's still a funny thread.<g>

Ron ;)

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