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Y2K Downtime

Just a customer service bulletin from our (Syracuse University's) computing

>Central Computing unavailable 5 P.M., December 30-7 A.M. January 4
>All central computer systems will be unavailable from December 30 at 5 P.M.
>until January 4 at 7 A.M. Although the servers will not be down the entire
>holiday weekend, CMS needs this time to ensure that all systems and programs
>are functioning correctly.  Some mail, that which goes first to syr.edu,
will be queued and
>delivered later. Other mail will bounce back to the sender's host because
>listserv will not be available.

What this means is that listserv will be down as well. Please do not send
any postings to the list during that time. I assume I'll be given the "all
clear" and then I'll pop my head out of the bunker first (I don't have a
periscope) to see if everything really is and then let everyone know...

I'll remind everyone the day of the shutdown.

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