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Re: The PVA collection

Years ago I was told that bookbinder's PVA and Elmer's glue had a very
similar forumla but were manufactured using a different process.  I'm sorry I
can't remember the source.

I was told that adhesives are manufactured with several components:  in this
case a liquid componendt that allows the glue to flow and an adhesive
component that allows the glue to stick.  There are also dryers and such -
it's amazingly complex to create adhesives.

My source told me that in Elmer's glue, the two layers (carrier and adhesive)
lay on top of one another.  While in binder's PVA, the two layers are mixed
together so the adhesive and carrier are intermingled and that is why the PVA
is more flexible where the Elemer's glue is more rigid.

Artemis BonaDea

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