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Re: The PVA collection

>In principle yes, but... They're both polymers dispersed in a liquid, and
>both water thinable. Elmers will be quite a bit more rigid, stiff, hard,
>than the PVA's most binders use, even at the same thickness. This can cause

What about the pH of these products. The MSDS for Elmer's Glue-All says it
has a pH of 4.7 at 25 degrees c, about the pH of a tomato. I assume that
this plastic is pretty inert and neutral when set?

PVA goes for about 3x the price and flies under the 'neutral' banner. I
haven't gotten an MSDS for PVA to see what it says about the pH of the
liquid product. Anyone have one? Does anyone know more details about the
differences between these product?

Don Drake
Dreaming Mind

(510) 727-9131

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