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Re: "Yes" stikflat glue


Answers to both your questions are in the Archives, but I realize how long
it takes to research them. Briefly, no, Yes glue is not the same as PVA and
is not recommended for bookbinding; wheat, rice or starch paste is the only
adhesive recommended to use on Japanese paper. It will not darken the
paper. There is no such thing as "rice" paper.

When you have time, do go to the archives and the read the postings by
subject for the past two years. It's educational and fascinating!


At 01:11 AM 12/15/1999 EST, you wrote:
>I've been a lurker on the list for awhile now, and it has been very
>interesting and helpful to read everyone's experience. I am very much a
>beginner, and I have had "Yes" brand "stikflat" glue recommended to me by a
>local art store for bookbinding. I wonder has anyone used it?  Is it the same
>thing as PVA glue? And how does it hold up over time?
>     As a secondary question, does anyone know what I can use to glue very
>porus and translucent paper (rice paper actually) to paperboard without the
>glue seeping through and darkening the rice paper? Thanks for any help you're
>able to give!
Betty Storz   storz@mcn.org
Mendocino, CA

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