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Re: Monopoly board type construction?

At 04:18 PM 12/20/99 EST, you wrote:
>Maybe someone can help. I got a call from a company that puts out a coin
>display board that opens like a Monopoly game board. On the inside there are
>little pockets for the coins, sort of like the old "March of Dime" displays
>that you used to see.
>This company will supply all the materials, but they want a quality job. They
>are located in Columbus, Ohio. I would imagine that the work would initial
>cutting material, gluing the material to the boards and connecting at the
>hinge. This should not be done by a small operation. If you can recommend a
>company, I would appreciate it. The closer to Ohio, the better. Thanks. JT

There's a sheltered workshop in our town that does this sort of thing.  I'm
sure that there are similar facilities in Ohio.  You can get good work done
 _and_  help disabled people support themselves.

Mark Arend
Beaver Dam, Wisc.

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