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Re: Self-published best-sellers?

I came across this message and thought it sounded interesting. I have no
project at the moment but would like to stay in touch and hear more details
about possibilities as they develop. Barbara Valenta

At 08:55 PM 5/22/1999 EDT, you wrote:
>I have been following this thread with more than a little interest.
>A  project I'm currently involved in is a recreation of Pig Pen Pete by
>Elbert Hubbard which will be typeset in hot lead on Monotype, printed
>letterpress in an edition of 250, and hand bound (in pigskin, of course). I'm
>about halfway through the typesetting phase. If anyone happens to need a
>poetry chapbook or other type of book with a limited run and high quality, I
>would love to talk to you offline.
>The dilemma that I constantly face is that short run and high quality
>letterpress tend to result in a book priced in the $40 and up range. By the
>time this project is finished, I will probably have invested close to $10,000
>in my own time and money. I have been looking for some way to expand the
>number and types of projects that I can print in a year.
>I am in the final stages of putting together a company that would provide
>authors with a means to self publish their work. This would involve taking
>manuscripts or typeset digital files and printing perfect bound books on a
>digital printing press in quantities as low as 10.
>This would result in being able to self publish a book for several hundred
>dollars instead of several thousand. Files could be held and printed on
>demand as sales warranted.
>An interesting variation would involve marketing the books directly to the
>independent booksores by being able to actually personalize the cover with
>something along the lines of "This reader's copy printed forJohn Doe, XYZ
>Hopefully this post won't be seen as being too crassly commercial, I would
>really like some feedback on whether this type of program would be helpful.
>Thank you,
>Zack Hamric
>Two Swallows Press

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