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Re: Self-published best-sellers?

In a message dated 12/24/99 3:31:46 PM Pacific Standard Time, jansapp@GTE.NET

<< So where does a traditional book binder
 (snip) sell his/her work?  >>

I've done really well this year utilizing both Ebay and other auctions plus
the Amazon.com z-shop feature that allows me to accept credit cards with the
funds being deposited directly into my checking account.  These efforts, a
nice web page for the books, participation in the internet forums that cover
the subject involved, have all translated into book sales.  I alwasys have at
least a few books up on the various auctions at a discount starting price.
Every new customer is a potential repeat customer, this makes it worthwhile
to cut prices to get that first sale.  Now with almost 500 customers on my
mail-list, all I need is to produce another really good book.
DT Fletcher

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