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Selling books on the internet - Z shops

Several folks have inquired about how I sell books on the internet and the
viablitiy of listing with Amazon.com.   For the sale of my books, where the
rubber-hits-the-road is at the Z-shops which is a feature at Amazon.com  The
heart of the Z-shop is that anyone with a checking account can accept credit
card transactions over the internet. It is also possible to do special orders
for my customers who want to pay with a credit card. I set up the z-shop
listing and then send my customer the URL for that z-shop listing and they
pay with their credit card. I ship that day and the money goes into my
checking account with no further action on my part. Worked very well and
accepting credit cards generated a lot of sales.
103-1824679-3546268">Click to see my z-shop listing for my book, 75 Years of
Crosman Airguns.</a>

DT Fletcher

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