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Re: More on Glue: Discussion Sought on Sticky Situations


I make books for several purposes.  Some are simply for catharsis, others I
plan to give or sell.  With those that I plan to give or sell, I'm very
careful to use archival glue, paper, board, etc.  With cathartic books, I'm
a little more cavalier about glues, papers and other materials.

When I've used archival materials, I expect the books to last a very long
time, upwards to 100 years.  If the book fell apart in 30 years, I would
expect a collector to be unhappy.  Hopefully, we could come to some
resolution without going to court.  Perhaps the best plan would be to write
a contact at the time the book is sold to stipulate what would happen if the
book fell apart.   Also, it would be a good idea to instruct the collector
on the proper "care and feeding" of the book

I use YES on informal projects but have found it can yellow over time.  I
tend to stick  with wheat and rice paste and archival quality PVA glue
(which is not the same as Elmer's).

I don't think the public has unrealistic expectations of art's longevity,
although they might have an unrealistic expectation of how long contemporary
art will last.  In this past century, plastics have opened up an entire new
set of media for artists to experiment with.    Jackson Pollock's paintings
are falling apart because he sometimes mixed acryllic, oil, and waterbased
materials.  Basically, he was experimenting and, so, some of his paintings
will fall apart.  I expect that some of Cornell's collages and
Rauschenberg's constructions will fall apart over time as well.

I do think the public is undeducated about how to care for art.  I know of a
case where a lovely painting was destroyed because it was placed in a home
where it caught 4 hours of afternoon sun everyday.

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