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Paper workshop in south of France

Hi everyone I'm posting this for Helmut Frerick who isn't on the list. If
you have any queries contact him direct at hfrerick@frerick.de. You can see
pictures of the venue on his website which is here http://www.frerick.de/
The information is in French, German and English.
Helmut Frerick         Helmut Frerick
Pflanze - Faser - Papier
Font Du Ciel
experimentelle Papiermühle    atelier-moulin expérimental à papier

Artishof · Berg · D-52385 Nideggen Chambary · Charrus · F-07230 St André
Fon + Fax (+49) (0)2427 1695 · Mobil (+49)(0)172 2020469 tél + fax (+33)
(0)475 39 49 08
e-Mail hfrerick@frerick.de <mailto:hfrerick@frerick.de>
              www.frerick.de <http://www.frerick.de/>
               e-Mail  lafontduciel@aol.com

Post IAPMA Conference Workshop in South France

>From Earth to Paper to Earth

Dates:                         07 to 11 August 2000
No. of Participants:            max. 12
Fees:                           700 Deutschmarks (» 370 US$)
Fees include workshop activities, working materials and accommodation at la
font du ciel, shuttle to and from the Conservatoire des ocres et pigments
appliqués near Roussillon.
Not included: food – costs of food stuff will be shared by all participants
-, eventual accommodation for one night near the ocre museum.
Refund Policy: If you cannot attend, let us know immediately at the
Nideggen address. In case of cancelling not later than 2 months prior to
the workshop, your tuition will be refunded minus a DM 50, not later than 1
month minus a DM 100 non-refundable registration fee. In case of later
cancelling the refund will be 50 % of the registration fee. This amount
will be reduced to DM 50, if your space can be filled.

Reservation:               After confirmation of left free places transfer
the fees (Deutschmarks only) by international bank draft to the following
                                   Volksbank Rureifel (German bank code 395
615 50) account no. 2600510013
                                   Confirmation of reservation only after
receipt of fee.

Workshop Details: Helmut Frerick will run the workshop in cooperation with
Catherine Nash from Tucson, Arizona.

                                   Arrival should be on 06, departure on 11

                                   The event will start with the item
Earth, then integrate Paper and finally return to Earth by burning handmade
clay paper in open fire.

                                   The main place will be Helmut's studio
mill 'la font du ciel' at Charrus, a little spot in the south eastern part
of the south French Cevennes mountains about 120 kms west-north-west of
Avignon and 200 kms south west of Lyon. We will cut our own Mulberry bark
and eat the berries aside.

                                   The very soft spring water – la font du
ciel (heaven's spring) – not only fills the vats but also the voulted pool
of the 18th century premises – ideal for refreshing in the Mediterranean

                                   Participants will have the chance to
work and live at the same place, since the former winegrower's farmhouse
allows allocating around 12 workshop participants. This will promote
concentrated work in a tremendous hilly and terrassed landscape, which even
during the hot summer months remains green with a little breeze. The meals
will be prepared in common, since the kitchen will be at our disposal and
eventually the summer kitchen on one of the terrasses ready for cooking out
of doors.

                                   One highlight will be working probably 2
days at a new museum, the first address for earths in France, the
Conservatoire des ocres et pigments appliqués near Roussillon in Provence,
which will open in May 2000. Helmut Frerick has been asked for eventual
future common activities, since one room of the museum will be dedicated to
the interaction pigments-paper. Our presence in August will be the starting
point of this cooperation. On this occasion we will of course visit the
famous ocre rocks near Roussillon giving an overwhelming impression of a
miniature version of the Great Canyon.
                                   Additional options will be visits of
Richard-de Bas papermill, the oldest French hand papermill situated near
Ambert in Auvergne and being active since the early 14th century, or the
Vallis Clausa papermill at Fontaine de Vaucluse not far from the ocre

                                   It is intended to have the workshop as
international as possible. The number of participants will be limited to
12. First reservations have been made by American, Scandinavian, Israelian
and Swiss paper people. Early reservation is recommended.

                                   Particularly people from overseas will
have to plan their schedule early. The nearest airport is Lyon Satolas, the
nearest train station Montélimar. From Montélimar train station coaches
leave for Alès stopping at Joyeuse, from where people will be picked up,
since there is no public transport for the last 14 kms to la font du ciel
at Charrus, St André Lachamp.

Website for Hands on Paper  http://www.bluep.com/~stiffe

Papermakers of Victoria http://home.vicnet.net.au/~papervic
Victorian Bookbinders Guild http://home.vicnet.net.au/~bookbind

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