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Fat fonts and thick papers

Folks, I need some advice on fonts and papers.  I am trying to print out and
bind up for my children a cookbook that I have written.  I have written this
in Microsoft Word, and my printer is an Epson 640 ink jet printer.  My first
problem is that the typical fonts that come with Windows and Word all
produce letters on the Epson that are really a little fatter than I find
pleasing, especially the fonts with serifs.

So, question number one is:  Does anyone know of another set of fonts
(skinny ones, with serifs) that are available and which will work well with

My second problem is with papers.  I need to print on both sides of the
paper, and regular ink jet paper bleeds through.  I found some nice paper
from Great White that solves the bleeding problem, but it feeds into the
printer very badly.  I literally have to feed individual sheets.  I also
found a paper that feeds well and does not bleed through, from Southworth,
but it is 28 lb. paper, which is makes for pretty stiff pages.

So, question number two is:  Does anyone know of a nice, 20 - 24 lb. paper,
coated both sides, that keeps ink from bleeding through, yet feeds well?

Thanks in advance!

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