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Re: Bookbinding 2000 or Paper and Book Intensive

I would say it depends on what your level of experience and inclination is.
>From your first post I would gather that you're ambitious and mostly
self-taught with a good foundation in the fundamentals, which is great. The
Bookbinding 2000 program is quite erudite and technically very high level.
It will not be hands on. I think anyone can gain from these kinds of
presentations, especially if the attendee understands and has the
opportunity to practice repeatedly what was demonstrated. This is also what
the Guild of Book Workers' Standards Seminar is like, a series of
presentations by well known practitioners. PBI on the other hand is very
much hands-on, and for someone at the beginning of the voyage, or advanced,
that hands-on is very valuble. Ideally you would want to do both.

What is your background and level of experience? What kinds of
materials/techniques do you like, which do you think you're most proficient
at, what is the most challenging? Why? Are you a member of the Guild. If
not, you may want to consider joining and trying to attend Standards.


Peter D. Verheyen
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