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Re: bookbinding books

I am currently preparing Arthur Johnson's short autobiography for the next
issue of our Newsletter. Here's what he has to say about Towne: [Johnson
taught two-week summer school classes for 25 years in the City of York, for
the Institute of Craft Education] "Here also I met Lawrence Towne, known
affectionately by his students as 'Mr. Hand' from his ill conceived book
'Bookbinding by Hand'. It was clear from his work that Lorrie was more of a
potter and not so much a binder as he wrote his book without once
mentioning the grain of materials. The book was amended."

Of Burdett he says: "...one of the greatest publications [of practical
books reviewed during the preparation of the Thames & Hudson manual] was
'The Craft of Bookbinding' by Eric Burdett. I knew him well and was
saddened by his death which occurred one month before his book was


><< I learned much about sewing from BOOKBINDING BY HAND by Laurence Town, out
>of print but available from used book sources. The author taught
> bookbinding in schools for many years and his instructions are written with
> classes on students in mind. >>
>I agree!  A truly fabulous book and one of my very favorites.  Also the
>THAMES  & HUDSON MANUAL OF BOOKBINDING by Arthur Johnson is very helpful as
>is CRAFT OF BOOKBINDING by Eric Burdett.

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though I speak only for myself

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