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paper and polymer plates

About 8 years ago, I owned a small offset print shop and worked mostly with 11
x 17" paper plates. The image is put on these plates just like an
electrostatic copier -- except the toner is carried in a liquid.

I found that I could feed the plates directly through my Hewlett-Packard laser
printer and print the image directly from my computer files. This system
enabled me to eliminate the hard copy from the computer and the liquid toner
platemaker and resulted in great images on the plate. I had many successful
runs of about 8000 images.

Unfortunately, there was an almost undetectable haze in the background which I
thought was due to microscopic cracks in the surface (zinc oxide??) of the
plate. I thought I could eliminate the haze if I could release the pressure
between the rollers on the laser printer -- but I could not get HP or my local
repairman to help me do that.

I continued to operate that way and was about ready to take the machine apart
and figure out how to reduce the pressure -- when all of a sudden -- the image
would not stay on the plates for more than a few hundred impressions.

I abandoned this method and sold the business shortly after.

I always thought this was a breakthrough technique and am wondering if any
printers or artists are using this technique now.

A printer that feeds the paper in a straight line, and which could accept
thicker paper, would probably produce wonderful plates -- perhaps even on a
regular dry toner copier.


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