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Re: BOOK_ARTS-L Digest - 4 Jan 2000 to 5 Jan 2000 (#2000-6)

"My second problem is with papers.  I need to print on both sides of the
paper, and regular ink jet paper bleeds through.  I found some nice paper
from Great White that solves the bleeding problem, but it feeds into the
printer very badly.  I literally have to feed individual sheets.  I also
found a paper that feeds well and does not bleed through, from Southworth,
but it is 28 lb. paper, which is makes for pretty stiff pages.

So, question number two is:  Does anyone know of a nice, 20 - 24 lb. paper,
coated both sides, that keeps ink from bleeding through, yet feeds well?"

 I use an Epson, they are great printers and I have found when I print on
coated ink jet paper it does do not run. I think this is a combination of
the Epson ink formula and the paper chemistry.
I took a full color photograph  I printed on a shiny coated in jet stock
and put it under the running facet. No runs. The paper did swell a bit,
until it dried out. I did not test black by itself. The paper I use is by
"Weber Valentine", it comes in a number of weights, some coated on both
sides, you might ask for some samples to test. The site is
Jill Timm, Visual Media Designer
User Centered Design, IBM Austin
(512) 838-9267, jtimm@us.ibm.com

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