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Re: bookbinding books

Hi Richard..  LOL, how funny!  I *still* like Town's book!  I studied for
many years with a local bookbinder and friend and the book reminds me of the
way he teaches.  Their methods are very similar.  I like Arthur Johnson's
"Manual of Bookbinding" for the precise, logical approach to bookbinding that
he takes.  Forgive me for not knowing but what Newsletter are you referring
to?  Your article sounds great.
regards, Susan

<< I am currently preparing Arthur Johnson's short autobiography for the next
 issue of our Newsletter. Here's what he has to say about Towne: [Johnson
 taught two-week summer school classes for 25 years in the City of York, for
 the Institute of Craft Education] "Here also I met Lawrence Towne, known
 affectionately by his students as 'Mr. Hand' from his ill conceived book
 'Bookbinding by Hand'. It was clear from his work that Lorrie was more of a
 potter and not so much a binder as he wrote his book without once
 mentioning the grain of materials. The book was amended."

 Of Burdett he says: "...one of the greatest publications [of practical
 books reviewed during the preparation of the Thames & Hudson manual] was
 'The Craft of Bookbinding' by Eric Burdett. I knew him well and was
 saddened by his death which occurred one month before his book was

 Richard  >>

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