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Re: bookbinding books

 Isn't it a defining trait of the past century of bookbinding, Betty, to
be a bit opinionated about how "it" is done?  As you observe, it can be
a sort of snobbishness, but also a regional or national bias: the way
the English, French, Swiss, Germans pare leather, how one shapes or uses
a bonefolder, etc.  I can only compare it to the lore of the kitchen, "I
do it this way because my mother did".  One of the blessings of the
current scene is that everyone is willing to try almost everything. It
can lead to some pretty shoddy work, but on the whole I think it has
vastly improved the range of technique available to modern binders and
conservators, perhaps as much as new materials and anaylsis tools.  I
would not entirely agree with Hamlet, that nothing is but thinking makes
it so, but it sure can widen one's view!

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