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Lettering & calligraphy books for sale

Please forgive any cross-posting you may receive on this notice.

I have just put up for auction on "eBay" about a dozen books from my personal
collection of books and catalogs on lettering and calligraphy.  It's a real
hodge-podge of items, from $2 artsy-fartsy stuff to nice 'how-to' calligraphy
manuals, on up to a pricey and equally gorgeous copy of the Getty Museum
facimile "Mira Calligraphiae Monumenta".

Whether you have ever used eBay or not, it's simple:  just go to one of my
listings, at: (copy and paste the following:)


then, after you look at that offer, you can just click at the top of the page
where it says "View Seller's Other Auctions" and it will give you an entire
list of everything I currently have for sale.  There's no charge to look, and
no charge to join the bidding.

Karen L. Crisalli

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