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print gocco

I am sending this info along as I know that lots of the artist's on the list
who publish their own book works use the gocco printer...

I am organizing an exchange for intermediate and advanced Gocco users. I
know there are lots of other people who teach classes using the Gocco and
figure that we all could benefit from having a nice selection of samples to
show our students. You don't have to teach classes to participate - you
might just be interested in having a nice little portfolio of Gocco printed


Open to any adult who has at least some experience creating images with the
Gocco. Images must be created using at least two colors.

Size: No smaller than 4" x 6" and no larger than 8 1/2" x 11". You may use
either the B6 (small) or the B5 (large) printer.

Media: Open. Because we are trying to build a nice set of examples, unusual
media is welcome (metal, wood, etc.) as long as finished work will fit in a
2 lb. priority mailing box. Mixed media is also welcome.

Sign-ups: Let me know before January 15 if you would like to participate.
After that date, I will notify participants of the number of artists we
have. You will get back the same number you send in. (The "hostess" is an
active participant, so you don't need to send an extra)

Documentation: Please be sure that your name is on the back of your work so
that we can give credit where credit is due when sharing this work. A brief
explanation of your process should accompany your prints. These notes will
be compiled into one sheet and distributed along with the prints.

Deadline for finished work will be February 15th, 2000.

Contact me at paper@oregontrail.net with questions or to sign up.

Best wishes,

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