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Re: 2000 Journal

Hi Everyone,

I have also started a 2000 journal, entitled Unexpected Encounters in
Ordinary Time.  I designed a layout on the computer, dividing the 8 1/2 x 11
page into four sections, dating the sections; each section measures 5 1/2
high x 4 1/4 wide. I printed each dated page onto Strathmore 88 lb. acid free
stock, which is easily available by the ream, precut in 8 1/2 x 11 sheets, at
Kelly Paper, (in California). I cut the dated sheets into four cards and
slipped them into a notebook I carry. So far, I have derived a lot of
enjoyment from this easy, relatively quick project.

I have long believed that everyone we chance to meet in the course of an
ordinary day--whether already a friend, or a stranger (a friend we haven't
met yet)--has the potential of making an impact on our lives and vice versa.
It's happened countless times over the years, but I have never documented
these syncronal exchanges.

For the past ten days, when I have particularly enjoyed an exchange with
someone, I have asked them to sign the dated card and jot their address on a
removable Avery mailing label. It may sound laborious, but it happens so
quickly, it seems nearly instantaneous. No one has objected--in fact,
everyone has seemed pleased to be asked.

Sometime before bedtime each evening, I quickly and without too much
forethought, add to the cards a sketch, small painting, scanned photo, and/or
collage relevant to the day and place the next day's card in the notebook.

I know ten days is not exactly standing the test of time, but my collection
already includes a special and unexpected encounter with a Catholic priest
who creates large abstract paintings, reminiscent of Robert Rauschenberg's
work, whom I met and spoke with at length at the gallery featuring (the
priest's) current work. It turned out he and I have a mutual friend! Small

On the days I don't go out, I have printed out a special e-mail note
received, noted a special telephone encounter, or recorded someone's name who
celebrates a birthday on that day.

If I only do the cards for a month, it will have been worth the time I spent
setting up the pages. I plan to design an artist's book incorporating the
cards, perhaps into quarterly volumes. I have promised documentation in the
form of a photo postcard of the finished work for each person who
participates. (Using the mailing label will facilitate fulfillment of my end
of the bargain.)

This is in addition to my regular journal that records progress in current
projects, possible new directions to take the work, along with news of family
and friends, current activities, as well as dreams, recipes, etc.

Happy 2000!

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