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Re: Gouache fixative????

Hmm. Of course, now that I re-read your note, it occurs that you may have ALREADY DONE the painting... In which case, the advice I provided is not very useful ;-)

Glair will indeed provide a protective sealant, but the problem is getting it on the painting without moving the pigments in the meantime.

If it was me, I'd probably go with an archival matte fixative in a spray can.
Plastic, that is...


> >Hi Everyone!  I am currently working on an one-of-a-kind book that
>>includes a gouache painting.  I want to fix it so that it doesn't get
>>damaged as people handle it and against the elements.  What could I put on
>>it that wouldn't smear the image, yet protect it?  Thanks for any guidance
>>on this project!
>As Paul suggests (and doesn't elaborate??? Curious.), glair, which is
>the white of the (free-range, organic!) egg, beaten 'til stiff, and
>then let to collapse until liquid (with any remaining bubbles skimmed
>off), is a great medium for pigments such as gouache.
>Of course, if you're using glair, you can simply mix dry pigments
>into it, and avoid the typically messy modern gouache, which is often
>made with excessive amounts of gum arabic.
>Hope this helps!

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