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Re: 2000 Journal

I love these 2000 Journal ideas...and it's reassuring to know other people
share my compulsion of documenting things, seemingly trivial things, in an a
scientific way. My 2000 book project is still in development, but it will be
about the Y2K scare and general fear/fascination with the Big Rollover. Did
anyone else out there besides me point their camera at their television at
the moment that the Eiffel Tower "went off" or the cermonial bell was rung in
Tokyo? I got some ribbing from friends for doing this, but I've discovered I
can justify almost any ridiculous behavior by saying "I'm going to make a
book out of it".
For those of you out there who love to catalogue and document the details of
your lives, check out the book "Evidence: the Art of Candy Jernigan"...it's
fascinating and inspiring and strange.... (available at Amazon...)

oh, and what's Liquid Light?

Polly Smith

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