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Re: 2000 Journal

I've really enjoyed reading about Year 2000 book ideas.

I did mine last year!  An end of the century, summing up, throwing out and
going forward.....I did a signature for each of the holidays on the old
calendar in 1999:  Summer and Winter Solstices, Vernal and Fall Equinoxes,
2/1 (Imbolic), 5/1 (Beltane), 8/1 (Lammas) and 10/31 (Samhain).

I completed each over the two weeks around the holiday, which made a nice
rhythm of working and not working.  I did collage mostly, and incorporated
texts of things I was reading as well as thoughts on the meaning of each

I'm just about finished with the binding, and my "Meditation for the
Millennium" will be nice to keep as memories of the big change.

I have a couple of weeks to decide about doing a companion piece for
2000--anyway, it was great fun and would work for any year.

Amy Stockwell
Decatur, IL

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