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Re: 2000 Journal

It has been very interesting reading all the responses regarding 2000
journals. I am curious if people were more inspired to document this year
because it was the start of the new millennium? Or does everyone ponder the
question at the beginning of a new year whether or not to start a new
journal or way of documenting their days.

Myself and a friend came up with the idea to create a 4 x 6 postcard every
day for the year 2000. We have found it helpful and inspiring to talk to
each other about the process. We collect things from our day and then glue,
sew, collage onto a stiff piece of cardboard. Just tonight I was describing
some of my postcards to her and she remarked how they sounded more
3-dimensional than her's. It gave her ideas for the postcards she will
create in the days to come. I'm glad we are both taking part in the process
and have each other to share it with. We are also talking about what a great
book it would make!

A big thank you to Polly Smith for suggesting the book "Evidence: the Art of
Candy Jernigan"... I went to Borders tonight and bought it.

Some other very good titles if you are interested in journaling are:
    "Spilling Open" by Sabrina Ward Harrison
    "The Journey is the Destination" The Journals of Dan Eldon
Both are an intimate look inside their journals...

Sally Casper
Ann Arbor, MI

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