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New Handpress Sections

Hi, Book Workers,

I have decided to add to new sections to my handpress Website.  They are
collegiate presses and handpresses in museums and libraries.

I define handpress in its strict historical and technical sense: a horizontal
platen press in which the pressure mechanism is activated by pulling a bar.
These are such presses as Washingtons, Albions, Columbians, and Stanhopes.

Collegiate handpresses can be used for book arts classes, workshops, or
bibliographical instruction.  Contact me at gabrum@aol.com if you think your
press fits the definition.

Museums, especially printing museums, and libraries with handpresses on
display will be listed.  It is not necessary for the presses to be active.
Again, contact me at my e-mail address above.

My Website is at http://letterspace.com/handpress

Hope to hear from some of you out there.

Gabriel Rummonds

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